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You can be a powerful voice for research and programs that will make a difference. We can help you to become an effective advocate for Alzheimer’s issues. No one understands this disease like the person who is living it.


Do it for the cause. Do it for yourself. Advocates uniformly tell us that the ability to speak out and educate others is freeing, satisfying, and significantly changes the way they feel about their own lives.

“In my role as a volunteer advocate and a member of the National Early Stage Advisory Group for the Alzheimer’s Association, I am able to change how others think about or treat those of us living with this disease. I have had the opportunity to help shape the quality of care not only for me but for the next generation of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.” - Lou

What is an advocate? Advocates are the frontline for fighting Alzheimer’s. They bring their personal story to those who can influence public policy, research initiatives, and support for the Alzheimer’s cause.


We offer an advocacy organizer who matches your interests and comfort level with potential opportunities; and we provide opportunities and support for public speaking. From small group discussions to testifying in Sacramento and Washington DC, advocates have helped influence legislation providing for increased research funding, increased access to appropriate care and support, and multiple other areas of concern to our families.


Advocates who prefer to work in non-political forums are speaking at events such as trainings for professionals, community educational presentations, and fundraising programs like the Walk to End Alzheimer's®. Call us at 800.272.3900 to learn about opportunities.

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